Introducing “Natural Or Not” – The Game

If you ever find yourself using phrases like “He’s way too big to be natural”, “How are his shoulders so 3-Dimensional” and “I wonder if people think I’m on something” then you’re gonna want to read this! Natural or Not is a brand new free-to-use platform which enables users to cast votes based on whether or not they believe an individual to be “natural” or not.


What does Natural mean?

To be natural, means that a person has never endured, taken, injected or consumed anabolic steroids. The keyword being “anabolic”, because taking steroids (such as via a brown inhaler) to clear your airways or assist with other medical issues is a different type of usage all together. Determining whether an individual is natural or not without physically testing them is really down to opinion because there are a lot of factors to consider such as how long they have been training, how big versus how lean they are as well as genetics. For a full breakdown on distinguishing a natty from a fake natty see our article: How To Tell If Someone Is On Steroids? (coming soon)


Find out if people think you’re natty

You can post your own photos onto by signing up for an account or logging in using Instagram. Once connected, use the upload button in the top right of the screen which will direct you to a form where you can select a photo from your computer or your Instagram feed (requires that you login via Instagram or link an Instagram account through the profile section).

Upload button location

Your photo will have to be approved before being added to the collection but this shouldn’t take long. After that your physique will be receiving votes and you will be able to see the verdict from the “My Photos” section here.

My photos screengrab


The #NattyOrNot Hashtag

Photos that get uploaded to Instagram with the #nattyornot hashtag (in the caption) will automatically appear on site so your photos could arrive without creating a NattyOrNot account. If by chance your photo appears on-site and you wish for it to be removed, you can either manually take it down by logging in via Instagram OR you can use the report photo button located beneath the photo.

Report photo


The Natty Status “Verdict”

Using highly complex algorithms, NaturalOrNot is able to provide a brief statement summarizing the extent of an individuals “natty” status. This is calculated after your vote is cast by collecting up the total votes for each of the options and generating an appropriate response. These algorithms are in their early stages of development thus may not be 100% accurate for all photos.


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